What a shiny weekend

Okay. I suppose you’ll just have to bear with me. I’m thinking in English today, so I’m writing in English. (Happy new year to you all, by the way!)

Following recommendations from certain people (you know who you are), I’m just through with watching the complete Firefly series in one weekend. Which isn’t that hard as there just is one season. Still. If anyone had told me a year ago I’m ever going to go near a series labelled as scifi (or should I write syfy? *g*), I would have laughed hysterically. Well. So much for that.

Almost to my own surprise, I found myself really well entertained. The pilot and the first two episodes I watched on Friday didn’t completely get me hooked, but I decided to give the series a second chance on Saturday and gosh, I’m so glad I did. It’s not the best stuff I’ve ever seen, but it was the exact right thing for this weekend. Nice soundtrack, interesting characters, lots of humour. Just what I needed. Once I managed to gag that inner voice that kept complaining about the medical stupidity of the plot (yeah sure, you all get wounded half to death all the time and walk around just fine and hale half a day later), I enjoyed the series. A LOT. And I don’t care to count how many moments of “Oh, THAT’s where that quote is from!” I had during the last two days.

What the series seemed to lack at first was something like an overarching theme, a development. Although there are sometimes references to prior episodes, it seemed one could almost watch them in any other order as well. But towards the end, that got better. As well, I at first regretted that the drama (for want of a better word) was almost exclusively on the personal level. As most of you will know, I like it when movies or series pose questions of greater relevance. “The Dark Knight” is still about the best example. There is hardly anything like that in Firefly, the series is much … lighter, so to say, even if that doesn’t exactly sound right, considering how much the characters get to suffer in different ways. But that’s the personal level, not the social one. And even this suffering or “drama” is portrayed lightly, with a lot of comic relief and humour even in the darker episodes. But that also seemed to change in the last episodes. And to be honest, I loved the light tone, it was the right thing for this weekend and the series wouldn’t “be itself” if it were different.

So for now, I’m grateful to anyone as recommended Firefly to me. Suppose I owe you a huge “Thanks”. I squee-ed a lot, and not least at the ceilidh dancing River get’s into in “Safe”. I giggled even more at all the bits of funny dialogue. And I quite fell for Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Great character, as are all the others. You sometimes ask yourself how it is that he can be captain of a spaceship and have the loyalty of the crew. And then again, you wonder how it could be anyone else but him. He’s contradictory, as are about all crewmembers, and that’s one of the things that finally got me hooked. It really is a pity there are no more seasons to come. Would have loved to learn what and whom exactly Simon and River are running from. What secrets the characters have been hiding so far. Or who would have ended up together, and how soon, if the series had continued.

But yeah, for all that there is, I enjoyed it a lot. (Just in cast you didn’t notice yet.) If anyone asks, I’ll be in my bunk. Watching it all over again. (And so you don’t have to ask, my favourite episodes right now would be “Out of Gas” and “War Stories”.)